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Merlin Metals

Roof & Wall Panels

Roof & Wall Panels

Snaplock® Seam Roof & Wall Panel System
Modern standing seam like profile. Ideal for self build projects. Simple yet stylish.
Available with underlay, clips, fixings & matching flashings & rainwater goods.

Standard cover widths of 430mm & 530mm.

Available in most metal options such as;

Coated Aluminium, Aurubis Copper, Greencoat Steel, ZM Silesia Zinc & Zintek Coloured Zinc.

Reveal panels are flat interlocking wall & soffit panels in a range of metal finishes & have a standard cover width of 300mm (custom available) Can be made to create a shadow gap between panels from 5mm – 20mm & if required have the ends folded over 90 degrees.

Square/Diamond metal shingles.

Our metal shingles are expertly manufactured upon request.

Available in a range of colours & shapes.

Square/diamond as our standard shingle with other shapes possible such as rectangular, rhomboid or triangular.

Copper, zinc, stainless steel or precoated aluminium.

Comprise of a metal skin & backing panel + an aluminium honeycomb core. 

They have a high impact resistance and can be removed individually. Cost effective, lightweight and exceptionally flat panels.


In metals such as copper, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel and coated aluminium.

Various insulated roof and wall panel profiles & insulated core thicknesses to choose from. Available in HPS200 Ultra & C200 Plastisol

Profiled metal sheeting profiles for roof & walls. Available in HPS200 Ultra & C200 Plastisol, other metal coating options are also available.