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Standing Seam Roof & Wall Panels Options for your next project.

Greencoat PLX Pural BT - Roofinox Stainless Steel - Corten Steel
Zintek Coloured Zinc - NedZink - ZM Silesia Zinc
Pre Coated Aluminium
Aurubis Copper

+ More in 2024

Q & A

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Is it possible to have flashings made longer than 3000mm?

Standard flashing lengths are generally 2000mm up to 3600mm. It may be possible to make flashings up to 4000mm long.If this is required, please...
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Will a metal roof be noisy?

If a metal roof were to be installed without any form of insulated build up then yes, you would likely hear the rain hitting...
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How long can STS Panels® be made?

Factory produced panels are supplied in lengths up to 12 metres.Other lengths are available up to 15 metres if they are logistically possible to...
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What is fully supported?

The standing seam profiles Merlin Metals supply can be mounted on all roof build-ups.The only prerequisite being that it is fully supported.This means the...
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