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Merlin Metals

Merlin Metals

Sample Metals for Standing Seam Roofing Systems.

Merlin Metals

This store provides a place to order sample metals.

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We supply traditional standing seam panels (TSS) & snap together seam panels (STS) & also reveal wall and soffit panels.

Available in Greencoat PLX Pural BT

In addition we can also supply products in the following metals;

Aurubis Copper, Roofinox Stainless Steel, Pre-Coated Aluminium, ZM Silesia Zinc, NedZink & Zintek Coloured Zinc.

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Lead times on panels and flashings is currently around 3-4 Weeks, as of  April 2022.

Gutter system components available for dispatch within 48 hours.

Delivery cost includes protected pallet & delivery to site, but not off loading.

Persons must be available to off load the delivery safely either by hand or with a forklift.

Delivery date updates will be sent as soon as orders progress sufficiently up the production queue.


If you require supply and installation of standing seam or snap together seam panel systems.

Send an email to